Universal 10" USB Keyboard Tablet - Leather Stand Case Smart Cover [Pro-Mobile]

  • $49.95

USB Keyboard Leather Case For Universal 10" Tablet.

 Available in:

- Black
- Blue
- Red



Protects your tablet with unique viewing experience.



The keyboard case comes with a micro-usb and a regular usb head. The keyboard case is compatible with any tablet with a micro-usb or a regular usb port. 


Decent Protection

The leather surface enables you to wipe out water and dust easily while microfiber lining protects your screen from scratches and abrasions — keeping your tablet always in a fresh look.


Environmentally friendly

The outside of the case is made of durable PU leather, which is water and dust-proof. Material of the inside is soft to touch and has the ability to clean the screen. In addition, the unique elastic band in the cover is design to give additional protection for your tablet.