P47 Wireless Headphones

  • $59.95

P47 Wireless Headphones

Available in:
- Black
- Blue
- Green
- Red
- White

Remote buttons easy to operate
Designed with control panel, volume control, song switch, easy to operate, feel comfortable.

Perfect Compatibility
Can easily be paired with a variety of mobile phones and other wireless Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth.

Support Music Card
Headphones as a MP3, can be inserted into the music player to play music, support all the MP3 format of the song.

Audio cable no need to charge
THe earphone can be inserted into a wire, and the audio line of the 3.5mm can be played when the Bluetooth device is plugged in without electricity.

HD Sound Quality
Configuration of the UK imported Qualcomm chip, HD audio transmission, effective and stable Bluetooth signal.

Wireless Bluetooth
Earphone built-in wireless Bluetooth, easy connection Bluetooth device.