Jackly - Precision Screw Drivers (JK 6066-B)

Jackly - Precision Screw Drivers (JK 6066-B)

  • $44.95

There are many screwdriver kits and tool boxes available in the market but none of them can offer as much as 33-in-1 screwdriver kit. This kit is good enough to care of each and every mobile and laptop repair and work that could be done by a screwdriver. 

Nowadays we see many times we have a situation with our phones and laptops and we have to keep running to the repair and the bills their make our hearts beat a little low. Well not anymore, with 33 in 1 screwdriver kit you could become an expert yourself. Most of the time the problem with your phone, computer or laptop is very minimal but as you don't have the right tools, you fail to know what is exactly wrong with it and the repair comes with anything and you just have to believe him well this kit will make you efficient enough to tackle those problems by yourself. 

If you own a mobile and laptop repair shop, this kit is a must for you. All the tools are made from high quality metal with all the screwdrivers having sharper edges that will last longer as we commonly see a problem with screwdriver is that the edges of its face become blunt very fast which makes it impossible to use and irritates you every time you have some very important repair task to do. 

Many of the screwdrivers are of magnetic handles for better usage. Plus it has got as much as 30 precision machined CR-V bits made of chrome vanadium with strong magnetic properties (white nickel plated). Its handle + bits are fitted into an aesthetically designed ABS + PVC plastic case that is efficient as well as cool to look at. this kit is suitable for the repair as well as assembly of mobile phone and laptops of various companies like nokia, sony, ericsson, blackberry, apple and many more.The material used in its manufacture is chromium vanadium steel a material that is is epitome of strength and high end performance. So just relax and order this kit and become a mobile and laptop repair expert just sitting at home. 

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