Allocacoc - PowerCube | Original Extended |

  • $32.95


Often we arrive at work or at home and find it difficult to reach for a nearby available power outlet to charge our laptops or smartphones. This could be because we have to duck beneath our desks to reach for one or because they are blocked by bulky plugs and cannot be used anymore. Placing regular extension cords on our desks is simply aesthetically unpleasing. Allocacoc's five-foot PowerCube Extended USB Power Strip provides a handy solution. Its USB ports have a higher degree of charging power than a laptop USB port. 

• Provides 4 additional outlets and 2 USB ports, 5 foot (1.5M) extension cord
• USB Charging will not interfere with use of outlets
• Connect multiple Power Cubes together for increased functionality
• Convenient power adapter with 4 outlets, 2 USB ports and Surge Protector
• CETL certified
• Compact design
• Includes mount dock with tape for wall, desktop or beneath-desk mounting
• Product Dimensions: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 25.5cm