Baseus - INSNAP Series - Magnetic Data Cable iPhone

  • $39.95

Make charging your phone a snap with the Baseus' INSNAP Series Magnetic Data Cable. Complete with an ultra strong and durable braided cable casing.

This innovative cable comes with a detachable magnetic connector, which remains in the charging port of your mobile device while the cable is able to easily and effortlessly attach and detach to initiate the charge.

The Magnetic Lightning Cable helps to reduce abrasion caused by inserting and pulling the standard charging cable. Additionally, it helps preserve the longevity of the cable itself with less wear and tear.

Easily snapping into place and securing with the powerful magnet, you can rest assured your mobile device is successfully charging each time. The Magnetic Lightning Cable comes with a gold connector end and in a standard 1-meter length.

For those who use apple and android devices, you don't need to fight for the power output at home, iPhone and Androids can be charged with both the same magnetic cable. (As long as the magnetic connector is in the phone charging port.)

With a 2.4A high-current transmission, this data/charge cable gives you the same stable, fast and accurate charging speed as the original adapter.