Apple iPhone 6G Plus/ 6S Plus  - Polka-dots Silicone Phone Case [Pro-Mobile]

Apple iPhone 6G Plus/ 6S Plus - Polka-dots Silicone Phone Case [Pro-Mobile]

  • $9.95

Polka-dots Silicone Phone Case for Apple iPhone 6G/6S.



When slimness is combined with transparency and polka-dots, what you get is a killer product. Made of high quality materials, clear cases are popular among discerning consumers, who have developed tastes for simple and neat-looking products.


Supple layer protection for long lasting protection

The phone case is made from transparent clear plastic TPU with a polka-dot design that is able to protect your phone against scratches and impacts. The soft edges protect your phone when installing and provides grip. The soft edges also comes with extra padding, allowing for more protection for your smartphone.


Cut-outs for all the phone’s features and ports so you’ll never need to take the case off

The transparent case is specially designed for your phone with perfect cuts; these cut-outs allow easy access to speakers, charging ports, audio ports and buttons.


Easy Installation and comfortable use in mind

Slim structure of the case ensures that your device occupies less space in pockets and more in everybody’s eyes. The thin casing allows you to retain the original feel of the phone.


Keep the original look of the phone

The transparency of the case provides a minimalistic look and feel and retains the original look of the phone. Not only will it protect your phone but it will also allow you to show the real colors of your phone.