Apple iPhone 5G / 5S / SE - Book Style Case [Pro-Mobile]

  • $19.95

Book Style Case for Apple iPhone 5G / 5S / SE.

Available in:

- Dots 1
- Dots 2



Professional, classy vinyl side flip wallet phone case built specifically for your phone. This is the perfection solution for carrying your smartphone professionally and elegantly.


Strong layer protection for long lasting protection

Safeguard your precious phone in a durable and luxurious manner with this phone case, and don’t ever feel like leaving your phone unprotected.


Cut-outs for all the phone’s features and ports so you’ll never need to take the case off

Never lose control of any feature of your phone, such as the camera, camera flash, headphone jack — and even the ability to continue speaking on the phone when the case is closed, this thanks to its precise cut-outs and detail oriented design.


Easy Installation and comfortable use in mind

Easy snap on / off the case for installation. It’s slim, light weight, compact and rigid yet flexible and shock absorbing. The smooth surface feels comfortable on the touch and its design is stylish.