Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" (X200) - Heavy Duty Shockproof Case with Kickstand

  • $49.95

Heavy Duty Shockproof Case with Kickstand For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" (X200).

Available in:

- Black


The rotatable case has is similar to the defender case. It case has now become synonymous with superior protection for smartphones in tough conditions.


Durable dual-layered construction for long lasting protection

The case uses a two-piece plastic shell surrounded by a rubber outer layer, with complete port and button protection, a built-in screen protector. The Shockproof case definitely feels like a substantial case. At its core, your phone will be seated in a hard polycarbonate plastic shell that envelops the entire phone. The entire shell slips into a thick rubber skin that wraps around the phone’s sides and back to absorb shock from drops, particularly at the corners, keeping your phone crack and damage free.


Raised bezel on the case protects your screen from scratches and dirt

It features a raised lip around the screen to keep the display off surfaces when placed face down.


Cut-outs for all the tablet's features and ports so you'll never need to take the case off

The outer skin also closes out dust and dirt from your ports and buttons, though they remain accessible through rubber doors.


Versatile typing and viewing angles

For a more versatile experience for typing, it includes a 360 degrees rotatable stand that is easy to set and manipulate, so you can use your phone either in a vertical or horizontal position.