Ultra Fast Charger Wall Adapter for Android WUW-C93

  • $44.95

High quality USB Power Home Travel Charger Adapter for Android devices. Quickly charge your devices with this 3A ULTRA Fast Charge Enabled adapter.

This charger is compact and durable, which makes it perfect when you travel. This 3 AMP travel adapter delivers ultra fast charging for your device.

** When charging a device using that supports the Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge Chip, it will charge to 3A, otherwise, it will charge at 2A or 1.5A depending on the device ** 

Max Output: DC5V - 3A / DC 9V/2A / DC 12V / 1.5A

Size: 135 x 70 x 10 mm
Protection from overcharging, overheating
Protection from short-circuit